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BSDH Outcomes

Broad-based general education, preparing students to contribute to their profession, community, and society by communicating effectively, thinking critically and conceptually, acting ethically and valuing diversity.

Requisite skills with a strong knowledge base, hands on experience and the mindset required for success in the dynamic field of dental hygiene.

Thorough foundation in the diversified fields of dental hygiene i.e., clinician, educator/health promoter, consumer advocate, administrator/manager, change agent and researcher.

Emphasis on importance of life-long learning in the ever-changing profession of dental hygiene.

Program Goals

  1. Accreditation - Maintain full program accreditation from the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation necessary to comprehensively prepare competent individuals in the discipline.
  2. Resources - Increase financial resources for all programs through departmental or school grant opportunities as well as through increasing extramural resources. Secure adequate number of faculty to meet ADA accreditation guidelines.
  3. Distance Learning - Expand distance-learning opportunities within the BSDH program.
  4. Experiential Learning - Expand experiential learning experiences in the community and the state.
  5. Graduate Education - Participate with other School of Health Sciences units to provide graduate education for BSDH program graduates.