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Double Major in Health Care Management

Students who wish to enhance their employability by being qualified as both registered dental hygienists and health care managers may wish to pursue this dual degree option. It is available to students in the basic licensure and RDH completion tracks of the BSDH program. The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management is a business degree with emphasis on the health care environment and technology. Hygienists who complete this double degree can expand their career opportunities beyond the clinical arena to include administration/management, marketing/sales and legal consultant.


All BSDH degree requirements must be satisfied prior to earning the double degree. Students must complete an additional ten-eleven courses (or 30-33 credit hours).

Core Area F

  • ACCT 2101 Principles of Financial Accounting
  • ECON 2105 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • HSCI 2111 Introduction to Health Care Environment
  • ITFN 1101 Foundations of Information Systems

Upper Division

  • HCMG 3101 Introduction to Health Systems Management
  • HCMG 3401 Applied HR Management for Health Care Delivery
  • HCMG 3501 Health Care Systems TQM
  • HCMG 3901 Marketing in Health Care
  • HCMG 4560 Health Care Finance
  • HSCI 3520 Legal Issues in Health Care
  • HCMG 4500 Health Care Policy or HCMG 4901 Applied Research

Grade of C or better required in all courses. Other appropriate courses may be determined by the Dean in order to equal a minimum of 30 hours of Health Care Management requirements taken in residency at Clayton State and not used to meet BSDH requirements.


Students must complete and submit the Request for Double Major to the Registrar's Office.