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Graduate Sooner CSU

There are many reasons to graduate sooner. One significant reason is the savings. Completing a degree in 4 years versus 6 years can save you more than $41,000 (based on tuition/mandatory fees, room/board, book/supplies, transportation, miscellaneous and loan fees for a 120 credit program).

Clayton State’s Graduate Sooner CSU program is a three-semester plan that helps you not only graduate sooner, but also save money too. Check out the resources below and graduate sooner!

Save Money

By completing a degree in 4 years versus 6 years, you will be able to save money and take advantage of other financial benefits. You will be able to enter the workplace sooner, meaning that you will have additional years of earning potential.

Saving money, less student debt, and more earning potential are all great reasons to graduate sooner!

Contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss how you can use your financial aid strategically to assist with the summer tuition. 

Enroll in the Summer

The summer has so much to offer such as study abroad, two short sessions, online courses, or a ten-week full term session. You get to choose which fits your summer schedule. Earn 3 to 15 credits with a flexible schedule that still allows you to enjoy the summer. Attend the summer and graduate sooner!

Contact the Center for Advising and Retention to understand the flexible options that work for you. 

15-Credit Semesters

We have a common goal when it comes to your education which is to see you graduate. Earning 15 credits each semester towards your degree ensures that you finish on time.

Contact the Center for Advising and Retention to plan how you’re going to earn your degree in four years.