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Thank You Guidelines

Thank-you Letter Criteria and Suggestions

As indicated in your Scholarship Offer, a thank-you letter is a requirement for receiving your scholarship at Clayton State College. Scholarship donors are generous and caring people who unselfishly give to support the educational pursuits of students like you. Receiving a thank-you letter from a student lets the donor know that the scholarship was greatly appreciated.

As a guide to help you write your thank-you letter, we have provided you with criteria and suggestions on what to include in your letter. While we prefer that you follow the thank-you letter suggestions, they are not meant to restrict you in writing your letter.

Criteria for your thank-you letter:

  • The thank-you letter must be uploaded into Academic Works within 15 days of your Scholarship Offer.

    When you are ready to upload your thank you letter, log back into and click on the scholarship name in the “Needs Attention” section. You can then upload your letter by clicking on the "Add a New File" link. You will also receive these instructions in an email from the Financial Aid Office at Clayton State University. Failure to submit your letter by the deadline can result in your scholarship award being rescinded.

  • Write the thank-you letter to the donor contact name indicated in your Scholarship Offer.
  • State the full and correct scholarship name in your thank-you letter. This information can be found in your Scholarship Offer.
  • Express sincere appreciation and enthusiasm.
  • Check all spelling and grammar before submitting your thank-you letter.

Suggestions for things to include in your thank-you letter:

  • Your class year and major.
  • What the scholarship means to you personally.
  • How the scholarship will assist you in pursuing your studies at Clayton State.
  • Your career goals and future plans.
  • Activities that you are involved in (on-campus and in the community).
  • Appreciation for the financial support you received from the scholarship.

Updated 7/13/16