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In October 1999 the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) received a grant to develop initiatives that would result in a reduction of students defaulting on their student loans. The Executive Director of the GSFC invited and The University of Georgia’s (UGA) Office of Student Financial Aid proposed a peer counseling program and began working with Georgia Higher Education Assistance Corporation (GHEAC), the guarantor division of GSFC. At the same time, the University of Georgia’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences was working with a group of students to develop a peer counselor program to help students to live on a budget. Through each of these entities, the PFCP program was born.

The PFCP program was introduced to the campus of Clayton State University Fall semester 2004. Many students at Clayton have been impacted through our dynamic presentations!

What Others Are Saying About Peer Financial Counseling and Planning Program:

  • "This seminar helped me plan for my future."
  • "This seminar can help with my personal finances by helping me to not stress and to be prepared for the future."
  • "I really need help with my personal finances so this was really informative! I want to start saving my money now!"
  • "This seminar helped my to learn how to make my paycheck go farther."
  • "This workshop was very applicable to my everyday life."
  • "A really good thing to know and a great way to present it!"