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Graduate Students

The Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Program is available to graduate students. In order to qualify you must:

  • Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate academic year. You must apply for financial aid each year. Fall begins a new financial aid year. Application information can be found here.
  • Be admitted to, or enrolled, at Clayton State University. Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 5 hours to be eligible to receive loans. Students admitted as post-baccalaureate (non-degree) are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Meet all Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards.


Federal Stafford loans are certified upon completion of the loan acceptance form. This form may be accessed via the DUCK after you are awarded.

Loan amounts cannot exceed the annual loan limit of $20,500.

Graduate students may also be eligible to borrow money through the GRADPLUS Loan Program. To be eligible to receive a GRADPLUS Loan, you will be required to pass a credit check and you will be required to borrow all of your subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford Loans prior to borrowing through the GRADPLUS program. Loan amounts cannot exceed your cost of attendance less any other financial aid awarded. If you are interested in a GRADPLUS Loan, you should notify the Office of Financial Aid at

GRAD PLUS Instructions
You must be awarded a GRADPLUS loan to apply for this loan.

Entrance Loan Counseling

First time borrowers at Clayton State University must complete the required online Entrance Loan Counseling. Before you can receive the funds from your Stafford Loan, you must complete a counseling session required by federal regulations. It is very important that you know and understand your rights and responsibilities as a student borrower. The online Entrance Counseling session can be accessed here. Once you successfully complete entrance counseling, the Department of Education will send us an electronic notification within 48 hours.

Additional information on loans can be found at our Loan Information website.


The Clayton State University Retirees Association has established a scholarship for graduate students at Clayton State. Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program at Clayton State, be enrolled in five or more credit hours within approved program, and must have a 3.5 or higher GPA after one semester of graduate classes.

Clayton State University Scholarship information can be found here.

FastWeb has scholarship lists for First-Year Graduate Students.

GRE Fee Reduction

Some students applying for graduate programs, may have to take the GRE Test. There is a GRE Fee Reduction Certificate available to students that qualify which gives a reduction to the cost of this test. The following are the criteria for students to receive certificate:

  1. A U.S. citizen or resident alien and a college senior receiving financial aid through an undergraduate college in the U.S., U.S. Territories or Puerto Rico, or a returning unenrolled college graduate who has applied for financial aid.
  2. A dependent senior with a parental contribution of no more than $1,400.
  3. A self-supporting senior with a contribution of no more than $1,800.
  4. A self-supporting unenrolled college graduate with a contribution of no more than $1,800.

CSU Financial Aid Office must have a processed FAFSA on file for the current academic year to determine a student’s eligibility for this certificate. Students will need to send an email to to request this certificate. The email will also need to include the method in which student would like to receive the certificate. Eligible applicants may pick the certificate up in the Financial Aid Office within 48 hours of the request or have it mailed to student’s mailing address.

The GRE Fee Reduction Certificate has an expiration date of June 30th every calendar year. Please note that under no circumstance can a student be issued multiple Fee Reduction Certificates. Students who register but fail to appear on the test date, have lost or misplaced the certificate, or wish to repeat a test will not be issued another Fee Reduction Certificate. For additional information pertaining to the GRE, students may visit