Contact Information


Dr. Xueyu Cheng
Assistant Professor of Economics
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Office: Faculty Hall 131-C
Phone: (678) 466-4893



Office Hours


Spring 2019

Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30-12:30

And by Appointment







Course Syllabi

 Course Number   Course Name   Course Format   Semester  Syllabus 
 TECH 3102  Quality Assurance Issues  100% Online  Spring 2019  Syllabus
 TECH 3104  Ethics for Administrative and Technical Managers   Hybrid  Fall 2015 Second Session  Syllabus
 TECH 3111  Applied Economics  100% Online  Spring 2019  Syllabus
 TECH 3111  Applied Economics  100% Online, PACE Course  Spring 2016  Syllabus
 TECH 3111  Applied Economics  Hybrid  Spring 2015  Syllabus
 TECH 3112  Applied Accounting  100% Online  Spring 2019  Syllabus
 TECH 3113  Survey of Statistical Methods-Technology  100% Online  Fall 2018  Syllabus
 TECH 4850  Seminar in Administrative and Technical Management  100% Online  Fall 2018  Syllabus
 ECON 1101  Survey of Economics  Ground  Spring 2019 Syllabus







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