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Monday Topics Assignments
Jan 11    
  Coates, xx-xx
Jan 18 Martin Luther King Memorial Holiday  
  Coates, xx-xx
Jan 25   Coates, xx-xx
Feb 1    
Feb 8    
Feb 15    
MLK 1965-68 Eyes on the Prize 10
Malcolm X, "Message to the Grassroots" Eyes on the Prize 7; speech
Feb 22 Black Power Eyes on the Prize 9
Black Panther Party, 1968 Rhodes chap. 5
"A Nation of Law?" Eyes on the Prize 12
Feb 29 Angela Davis in the 1970s speech from prison
Angela Davis and Vibe magazine Raiford chapter
March 7 Spring Break R&R
Self-study Field Trip
"Two Societies" (YouTube) Eyes on the Prize 8
March 14 Revolution (Un)televised Color Adjustment 2
The Movement in Public Memory R&R Intro.; Morgan
Forrest Gump, Boycott, and The Butler film clips
March 21 Black Power in Public Memory Rhodes chap. 1
Malcolm X film screening
Panther film screening
March 28 Performing History, Performing Identity Dimitriadis 4
Deindustrialization and Hip-hop Rose
Hip-hop 1: Live to mediated Dimitriadis 1; playlist 1
April 4 Hip-hop 2: Pedagogy Dimitriadis 2; playlist 2
Popular Culture and Constructions of Place Dimitriadis 3
April 11 Tupac Shakur Dimitriadis 5
Hip-hop 3: Tupac Shakur playlist 3
Hip-hop 4: Kendrick Lamar, et al. playlist 4
April 18 Vernacular Historians on YouTube YouTube clips
A Huey P. Newton Story film screening
Thanksgiving R&R
April 25 Angela Davis and the Prison Industrial Complex speech excerpts
New Jim Crow 1 Alexander chapter 5
New Jim Crow 2 Alexander chapter 5
TBA Final Exam (Online - Available TBA)
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