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Refereed Academic Journal Articles and Book Chapters


"Bim and Joebell:  Filmic Representations of Colonial and Postcolonial Caribbean Identity in Contemporary Caribbean Dynamics (2015). Ian Randle Press

"Human Billboarding: Peopled Publicity and a New Space of Agency" in Advertising and Society Review. 2014. Volume 15, Issue 1.

 “Trinidad and Tobago Television Advertising as Third Space: Hybridity in the Caribbean Mediascape.” in Howard Journal of Communication . 2007. Volume 18 Issue 1.

 “The Quest for National Identity and Visual Sovereignty in Trinidad and Tobago Television Advertising In Advertising and Society Review. 2004. Volume 5, Issue 3.

 “Documentary Film: West Indies and Caribbean” In The Encyclopedia of Documentary Film. (2005). Ian Aiken (Ed.) New York: Routledge.

In Progress:

"Brexit and the Bear: Paddington as premonition to populism and anti-immigrant discourse in Britain's 2016 EU Referendum" 


Conference Presentations


“TRUST The Magic Agency: Engaged Learning Through Conceptualization and Setup of a Student Corporate Communication Agency
Presented at the University System of Georgia Teaching And Learning Conference, April 2014

“Democracy, Distribution and Digital Propaganda: Revolution and the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign.”

Presented at the Center for Latin American and Latino/a Studies Symposium Latin American Depictions of Colonization Through History, Literature and Cinema. Atlanta, Georgia. March 2007.

“Human Billboarding: Corporate (Post-)Colonialism and the Evolution of Branded Neo-tribes.”
Chaired panel and presented paper as part of Consumer Culture panel at the Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference. Arlington, Virginia. April 2006.

"The Bridge from Education 1.0 to. Education 3.0:  An Exploration of How “Digital Immigrant” Universities Can Adapt to “Digital Native” Students through Social Media"  Co-presented with Brittany Webb and Amber Welch at The University System of Georgia's Teaching and Learning Conference, Best Practices for Promoting Engaged Student Learning. Helen, Georgia. April 2012.

"Bim and Joebell: Filmic Representations of Colonial and Post-Colonial Caribbean Identity" Presented at National Council For Black Studies Annual Conference. Atlanta, Georgia. March 2012.

“‘Hot Spots’ and Social Media: The Fight for Virtual Freedom in the 2011 Trinidad and Tobago State of Emergency.” Presented at the Consortium for Global Media and Culture (CGMC) Annual Symposium on International Media, Communication and Culture. Kennesaw, Georgia. February 2012.

“Imagining the Nation through Neighbor Crisis: Venezuelan 'Revolution' Televised in Trinidad and Tobago” Presented at Florida State University’s Conference on Trans-National Literature and Film: Cultural Production and the Claims of History. Tallahassee, Florida. January 2005.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Presidential versus Private Media Power in the 2002 Venezuela Crisis.” Chaired panel and presented paper as part of the Media, Crisis and Public Perception in International Contexts panel at the National Communication Association Convention. Chicago, Illinois. November 2004.

“Television Ad-entity: The Quest for National Identity and Visual Sovereignty in Trinidad and Tobago Television Advertising Presented in Dialectics of the National and the Global panel at the Cultural Studies’ Association Conference. Boston, Massachusetts. May 2004

“Uneasy Persuasion and Alternate Mediascapes: June-July 2003 Television Advertising as
Microcinema in Trinidad and Tobago”
Prresented in Planet TV – Television and National Citizenship panel at the Society for Cinema And Media Studies Conference. Atlanta, Georgia. March 2004

“The Public Through the Lens of Reality Television: A Re-examination of the Public Sphere” Presented at the National Communication Association Annual Conference. Miami, Florida. November 2003.

Conceptual Resonance: A Three-Phase Study Applying Chion’s Theoretical Perspectives of Acousmetre and Sound en Creux. Co-authored prospectus for study presented at the Visual Communication Conference in Sandpoint, Idaho. June 2003.