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News! Corporate Communication Minor Made Real!


Hello. I'm Susan McFarlane-Alvarez, Associate Professor of Corporate Communication at Clayton State University. I teach courses in advertising, public relations and across the discipline. 

Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you'll take a moment to learn what I'm teaching this semester, what I taught in past semesters and what I'm scheduled to teach next semester. You can also read a little about my research and background. Feel free to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.

Learn about the student corporate communications agency, TRUST, by visiting the TRUST page



Susan McFarlane-Alvarez: This Semester


In Fall 2016, I'm teaching:

COMM 1110 - Spoken Communication

CMS 3101 - Media and Culture

COMM 3300 - Interpersonal Communication (Online)

CMS 3110 - Media Industries (Online)

See my TEACHING page for course syllabi. These are also posted on the course D2L Sites.

Visit my CONTACT page for my office hours and contact information.

Visit D2L for course content.


Next Semester


 In Summer 2016, I'm scheduled to teach:

COMM 1110: Spoken Communication


Recent Teaching

In the recent past, I've taught:
  • CMS 2100 (Introduction to Media Studies)
  • CMS 3101 (Media and Culture)
  • CMS 3110 (Media Industries)
  • CMS 3550 (Introduction to Advertising)
  • CMS 3560 (Introduction to Public Relations)
  • CMS 4560 (Public Relations)
  • CMS 4580 (Crisis and Change Communication)
  • CMS 4800 (Selected Topics: Social Media)
  • COMM 1001 (Presentational Speaking)
  • COMM 1002 (Presentation Applications)
  • COMM 1110 (Spoken Communication)
  • COMM 3210 (Communication Theory)
  • COMM 3300 (Interpersonal Communication)
  • COMM 3310 (Corporate Communication)