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Here I am with some students from Roberts Elementary School. We are in front of a model bat cave that they made as part of a class project during a unit on bats.

Here I am presenting at Sagamore Elementary School.


General Information


When I was a graduate student at Ohio State, our lab would often get invited to give presentations to local schools and other interested groups.  We would come in, give a talk that lasted between 30 minutes and an hour, and give the students time to ask us questions about the animals and what our lab did.  We gave talks to groups that ranged from pre-school to high school in age, Boy Scout troops, conservation societies, etc.  The talks were adjusted to fit the audience, but included general bat information, lots of cool bat pictures, and as much bat information as we could cram into the time allotted!

Since arriving in Georgia in 2001, I've been giving between 10 and 20 of these presentations per year.  The majority of these presentations are in elementary schools and they tend to take place in the fall, but I'm willing to try and set up presentatations any time of year.  The actual talks can be specialized to address the needs of your group.  I have presented to groups ranging form pre-K up to adults, so I'm pretty flexible.  The talks generally include a Powerpoint presentation showing bat pictures and teaching about bat ecology, behavior, and conservation.  I also bring some demonstration devices with me.  I have several "bat detectors" that allow me to show how we can use them to hear sounds that human ears can't detect.  I also bring some bats that were stuffed by a taxidermist so that they can see them up close.  I also generally bring handouts of various sorts that provide more information and fun activities.  Lastly, in small groups I'm able to use a special device that lets a member of the audience pretend to be a bat themselves.  Of course, there are always other options - please contact me for more information. I can be reached by email ( or by phone at 678-466-4774.


Bat information links


Click on the links below to go to my bat info pages to answer some common questions about bats


Bat Activities


Since most of these presentations are to school children, I've put together a couple of sheets of bat activities that I like to hand out to the children.  (Some of these are taken from the web page of the Basically Bats Conservation Society, and the rest are from the Mini Page).  I also have a handout with some general bat facts.  Both of these handouts are here in Adobe PDF format.


Links to other bat sites


These links will take you to other sites that have good bat content for teaching or learning about bats. Please let me know if any of the links are broken or having other problems.

  • BatsLive - this takes you to a site that is set up for distance learning about bats. They have bat resources, links to lots of good sites, as well as live and recorded web seminars about bats or using bats as part of teaching.
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