Spring 2018 Course Information


The following is my schedule for the current academic term at Clayton State University. Students who wish to enroll in my sections (if they are full) must contact the Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Dr. Chaogui Zhang.

 Course CRN  Course Title Days Time Room 
MATH 1112 21039
Trigonometry & Analytic Geometry
3:35 -- 4:50
MATH 2502 21070
Calculus II
6:30 -- 8:20 U424
MATH 3005 21072
Transition to Higher Math TR
3:35 -- 4:50
MATH 3006 21073
Communication in Mathematics
1:00 -- 1:50
MATH 4988 21178 Directed Undergrad Research


eCore classes

Course Section Office Hours
MATH 1111 04G M 9:00 PM -- 11:00 PM

Spring 2018 Office Hours

1:00 pm -- 2:30 pm

(or by appointment


  1. 2016 Alice J. Smith Service Award

    The Smith Awards were established in 1995 by Joseph Smith as a memorial to his wife Alice. He wanted to honor her career in teaching and love for learning, and wanted Clayton State University to be part of her legacy. The awards are presented annually to the most outstanding faculty and staff members, who are nominated by their peers.

  2. 2016-2017 Clayton State University Jimmy Easley University Professorship
  3. 2016 CIMS Faculty Award for Excellence in Service
  4. 2014 Making Things Better Award. Clayton State University.
  5. 2007-2008 Outstanding Graduate Teacher Award. Northwestern University, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences.
  6. 2007 Outstanding TA Award. Northwestern University Mathematics Department.
  7. 2005-2006 Graduate Teaching Certificate Program. 

    The Certificate Program offers advanced graduate students the opportunity to develop their professional teaching skills in an extended program of study and reflection. Participants will not only prepare for their future professions, but also actively engage in creating a learning community within which to share their ideas.

  8. 2004-2005 Teaching Assistant Fellows (TAF) Program

    The TAF Program recruits outstanding teaching assistants from across the university to lead workshops on teaching for incoming teaching assistants.



Clayton State University

CSU 1022 University Foundations
  FA14, FA15, FA16
MATH 1101 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
MATH 1111 College Algebra
  FA11, FA12, SP13, SU14, FA14, SP16, FA16, FA17
MATH 1112 Trigonometry & Analytic Geometry
  FA11, SP12, SP17, SU17, SP18
MATH 1501 Calculus I
  SP12, FA13, SU15, SU16, SU17
MATH 2020 Introductory Discrete Mathematics
  FA12, SP13, FA14, SP15, FA15, FA16, FA17
MATH 2502 Calculus II
  SU12, SP13, SU13, SP14, SP15, SP17, SP18
MATH 2503 Calculus III
  SU12, SP15, SU15, FA15, SP16, FA16, FA17
MATH 3005 Transition to Higher Mathematics
  SP14, SP18
MATH 3006 Communication in Mathematics
  SP12 (4989), FA12, SP13, FA13, SP14, FA14, SP15, FA15, SP16, SP17, SP18
MATH 3110 Survey of Algebra
  SP12, SP13, SP17
MATH 3520 Introduction to Analysis
  SU12, FA12, FA13, SU17 (ind. study)
MATH 4800 Selected Topics in Mathematics
  Point Set Topology (FA12, SP15, SP16)
Analysis II (SP13,)
Chaotic Dynamical Systems (SU13) 
MATH 4988 Directed Independent Research
  FA13 (Morris), SP14 (Morris, Nibo), SU14 (Nibo), SP15 (Lowe, Hayes, Philippe), SP17 (Kelley, Kemokai), SU17 (Kelley, Golder), FA17 (Andrews, Golder), SP18 (Andrews, Golder, Kemokai)
MATH 4989 Senior Capstone Project
  FA14 (Morris, Nibo), SP15 (Lowe), FA15 (Hayes), SU17 (Kelley), SP18 (Andrews, Golder, Kemokai)
MATH 5800 Special Topics
  Point Set Topology (SP15, SP16)



MATH 1111 College Algebra
  SP18, FA18


University of Rochester

FALL 2008

  • MATH 141 : Calculus I
  • MATH 162 : Calculus II


  • MATH 141 : Calculus I
  • MATH 162Q : Quest Calculus IIA

FALL 2009

  • MATH 164 : Multidimensional Calculus
  • MATH 235 : Linear Algebra


  • MATH 240H : Honors Point Set Topology
  • MATH 215 : Fractals & Chaotic Dynamical Systems

FALL 2010 

  • MATH 164 : Multidimensional Calculus
  • MATH 235 : Linear Algebra


  • MATH 164 : Multidimensional Calculus
  • MATH 240H : Honors Point Set Topology

Northwestern University

SPRING 2007 

  • MATH 113-CN : Precalculus Mathematics


  • MATH 230-0 : Differential Calculus of Multivariable Functions
  • MATH 234-0 : Multiple Integration and Vector Calculus

FALL 2007

  • MATH 220-CN : Differential Calculus of One Variable Functions


  • MATH 224-CN : Integral Calculus of One Variable Functions


  • MATH 113-CN : Precalculus Mathematics
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