My research lies in the area of algebraic topology, specifically in the branch called stable homotopy theory.  In the past, I have been interested in calculating central powers of self-maps of finite p-local spectra.  Currently, I am interested in studying the ring of stably invertible modules over sub-Hopf algebras of the Steenrod Algebra, with the ultimate goal of understanding \( BP \langle n \rangle \wedge BP \langle n \rangle \) and the Tate spectrum of \( BP \langle n \rangle \) for all n.



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Preprints & Drafts

  1. MR2711440 Bailey, Scott Michael. Topological splittings of spectra related to tmf
  2. Graph Jacobians and Mackey functors
  3. Central power of the v_1 self map of the mod-p Moore spectrum



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  2. Modules and Splittings. Penn State University/Altoona Topology Seminar. Altoona, PA. November 2013.
  3. Modules and Splittings. University of Kentucky Topology Seminar. Lexington, KY. October 2013.
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  5. How to Tame a Dragon. Southern Polytechnic State University Math Colloquium. Marietta, GA. October 2012.
  6. Toward a splitting of the Tate spectrum of tmf. Wayne State University Topology Seminar. Detroit, MI. October 2012.
  7. Calculating, Dalton State College, Math and Snacks. April 2012.
  8. How to Tame a Dragon. Clayton State University, Math Club Invited Lecture Series.  August 2011 (Watch: PC/Mac, iPad, iPhone).
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