Digital History

History Channel
Biography Channel
HBO Documentary
PBS Programs
Digital History
Digital Vault (US)
This American Life
Best History Sites

General History

Eyewitness to History
Clayton State: History
Georgia State: History
Emory: Southern US History

History Spark Notes (For general information, not a resource for research.)


American History

National Archives
National Archives Southeast Division
Avalon Project US History Chronology
Our Documents (US)
Docs Teach (US)
Landmark Cases (US)
Smithsonian Institute
US Holocaust Memorial
Southern Spaces
Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History
Charters of Freedom (US)         

American Presidents

Early American History

Archiving Early America
Jamestown 1607
Negro Spirituals
Africans in America
Our Shared Heritage: African-American Studies
The Glorious Cause for American Independence
MSU American Revolution
Oklahoma State Digital Library: Westward Expansion
American Indians
Tribe of Eastern Cherokee
19th Century Cultural History
Civil War

Modern American History

20th Century Cultural History
American History TV
World War I
Prohibition History
Eleanor Roosevelt Papers
Civil Rights Sit-ins
Civil Rights Digital Library

History Education

Smithsonian Source
Teaching with Documents
History Teacher Net
Schoolhouse Rock
Teach History Technology
Teach History with Places
NY Times Learning Network
Object of History

World History

British Museum
Histories World
History Orb
The History Guide
World History Matters
Online Literature Network
E-History Network
Map as History
Religion Fact Book
International World History Project
Metropolitan Museum of Art: History

Modern History Sourcebook 

Ancient World History

Ancient Greece
Greek Mythology
Greek Myth Index
Roman Empire Net
Ancient World History
Ancient History Encyclopedia
History of the Ancient World
Ancient History Internet Sourcebook
Africa South of the Sahara


Early Modern World History

History Learning Center (Good for other time periods too!)

Elizabethan England
British History Online
French Revolution

Modern World History

19th Century Victorian England Crime Culture
Victorian Web
Marxist History
World War I
World War II
Holocaust History
Anne Frank Museum
Atomic Archive

Women's History

National Women’s History Project (US)
American Women’s History Online 
Women and Social Movements in the United States: 1600-2000
Women’s Suffrage Movements          
Distinguished Women Past and Present      
Women in World History          
International Museum of Women
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