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Welcome to the academic website of Professor Kristina Graves, Adjunct Instructor of History in the Department of Humanities at Clayton State University.  I have been a proud contributor to Clayton State University since 2008, where I am excited to be part of a university culture that values student achievement and creates a strong learning community.  This website was created to support the instruction and learning of my students.

In addition to being an adjunct instructor at Clayton State University, I am also a high school teacher at Martha Ellen Stilwell School of the Arts in Clayton County.  In 2012, I began the PhD program at Georgia State University.  My fields of study are 19th and 20th century United States, women/gender history, and global social movements.  My research focus is on the women's suffrage movement in the United States and Britain and constructions of gender in the Gilded Age/Edwardian Age/Progressive Era.  My passion is history education.  I love learning about the past and my goal is to encourage that excitement in others.


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Curriculum Vitae: CV 081615 (Online Version).doc

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