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MATH 1113 Course Information


Textbook:  Open Stax Algebra and Trigonometry, OpenStax College. 13 February 2015. The text is available for free online in web view or PDF format. The web view version works on any device. If you prefer a print version, it may be purchased from the LochShop or Amazon


Computer and Graphing Software:   We will be using a free graphing software in this course called GRAPH.  There are times when it will be used during class and on homework, quizzes and tests.  There are also times when it will not be allowed!  You should download and install:  SetupGraph-4.4.2.exe (9.6 MB).  If you have a Mac, here is the link: (300 MB).  

Calculator:  You will be permitted to use a scientific calculator.  No cell phone calculators or calculators with a computer algebra system will be allowed. 

Attendance:  Students are expected to attend each class meeting.  Students are responsible for knowing about in-class announcements whether they are present or not.  

In the event of an unexpected instructor absence or university closure, be sure to check your email for instructions.




Math 1113 Lectures

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