Math 0998 Course Description

This course has been designed to support the study of equations, functions, graphs, modeling, and problem solving. Linear, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic equations in one variable are applied to a variety of problems, which concern real-world situations. Systems of linear equations in two variables are supported in conjunction with their use in problem solving. The concepts of functions and graphing are studied as essential tools for interpreting functions of one variable. Linear, quadratic, exponential, polynomial and logarithmic functions are emphasized and used to model a variety of real-world situations.  



Math 1101 is a corequisite for this course.  All students must be enrolled in Mathematical Modeling while enrolled in this course.

 Note: Dropping this course will cause you to be dropped from Math 1101.



Math 0998 Evaluation


Your grade in MATH 0998 is determined by your performance on in-class assignments.There will be twenty-two 10-point assignments.

Students who are tardy will only be eligible to receive half of the assignment points for the day.

Student who leave class early will not be eligible to receive any points for the day.

















Math 0998 Course Materials


There are no additional course materials for this class.  All materials needed in Math 1101 will be used in this class.

Bring your computer to class each day.  

In the event of an unexpected instructor absence or university closure, be sure to check your email for instructions.


Graduate Assistants



University Center - 423

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