MATH 1101 Course Information




Online Instruction:  Knewton alta College Algebra v2 USG.  You may purchase access to this website at the LochShop or at with a credit card.

Textbook (optional):  OpenStax College Algebra.  The text is available for free online in web view or PDF format.  Here is a link to the textbook:


Homework/Quizzes:  All homework and quizzes will be completed online on the Knewton website.  You must purchase access to this website.

Computer & Software: We will be using a free graphing software in this course called GRAPH.  It will be used during class and on homework and quizzes.  You should download and install: SetupGraph-4.4.2.exe.  If you have a Mac, here is the link: .  

Bring your computer to class each day.

Calculator:  A hand held scientific calculator may be helpful on tests.  Graphing calculators and cell phone calculators are NOT allowed!  

In the event of an unexpected instructor absence or university closure, be sure to check your email for instructions.

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