Additional Information for Learning Objectives


Learning objectives are goals. They're things that you aim to learn by the end of your internship. These are not tasks, but they are drawn from the tasks that you will complete. Here are additional tips for writing acceptable learning objectives:

  • Read over them before submitting them to the faculty coordinator. You may feel that you're pressed for time and just want to get them done and submitted, but if you submit them without looking over them, you run the risk of having them sent back to you for revisions.
  • Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. This can be done by following the first tip; look over them before submitting. You may consider having another person look over them for you. Since we know what we want it to say, we tend to skip over errors and read them as they are intended to be rather than as they actually are, so having a person who hasn't spent time writing it and looking over it may help find errors that you may have missed.
  • List your learning objective, then use a short paragraph to describe how you're going to meet that objective. Follow the format of the sample that was given. There are additional sample paragraphs below for more help.
  • Consider starting your learning objective with action words. These action words should signify learning or expansion of knowledge. Some examples are develop, gain, expand, enhance. 

Additional Samples:

Learning Objective 1: Gain an understanding of a new programming language
ABC Incorporated uses C++ to create their software. At Clayton State, I have been exposed to the Java programming language, so the transition to C++ should not be too difficult. Ms. X will provide materials and tutorials for me to use to familiarize myself with C++. 

Develop first-hand knowledge of the software development process

All of the experience that I have so far with software development has been through projects in class. This internship will allow me to experience how it actually works in the industry. I will work with Mr. Z and his team to find software solutions for Software Limited's clients.

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