Biology 3210 and 3211 Off-Campus Internship


BIOL 3210/3211: Off-Campus Internship

Employers, graduate schools, and many professional schools prefer experienced applicants, and an internship is an excellent way for students to gain such experience.  An Off-Campus Internship gives the biology student an opportunity to earn academic credit while working or volunteering while gaining valuable experience.  Internships can also be a great way to make contacts to write letters of recommendation, which are very important in applying to graduate and professional schools.

BIOL 3210/3211 students might:

bullet Work in a pharmacy
bullet Volunteer at a hospital
bullet Shadow a practicing physical therapist
bullet Help investigators in a forensics lab
bullet Learn how to operate a nature center

Here is how to get an Off-Campus Internship for academic credit:

1) Make sure you meet the prerequisites.  You must have already taken BIOL 1108/1108L.

Student Eligibility
Students must have met the following minimum standards to be eligible for participation in Internship Learning:

bullet Complete at least one full semester at CSU;
bullet Earn the appropriate number of credit hours (baccalaureate program--30 hours; associate program--18 hours; certificate--12 hours);
bullet Maintain Good Academic Standing;
bullet Complete all course prerequisites;
bullet Obtain prior approval from the Coordinator of Internship Learning and the appropriate faculty coordinator.  This involves providing evidence that the experience is directly related to the student's area of study.

Note:  Academic departments as well as local organizations and businesses reserve the right to establish higher minimum requirements.


2) Look for a suitable internship that would give you job experience for the career that you want to have.  The experience can either be paid or unpaid.  For best results, start your search early!

3) Print and complete the Internship Learning Agreement in conjunction with your site supervisor.  Typically, you have to discuss the learning objectives with them.

bullet Natural Sciences Internship Learning Agreement
bullet Special Note: If you plan to register for 19 hours or more (not recommended), you must also complete a Course Overload Form, and have your advisor sign it (see the DUCK to determine who your advisor is).  See the Dean of Arts and Sciences secretary to obtain this form.

4) Fill out the BIOL 3222 Registration Form.

5) Have the faculty internship coordinator (Dr. Kodani) sign the completed Internship Learning Agreement and the Registration Form, and ask him to have you registered for BIOL 3210/3211.  You can bring this by my office at any time, and if I'm not there, simply leave it in the little black box on my door.

6) Once your internship starts, keep in touch with the faculty internship coordinator (Dr. Kodani) by WebCT/VISTA once per week.

7) It is a requirement that you download and keep the syllabus for BIOL 3222.

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