Introduction to Statistics


Section 02: 11 - 11:50 a.m.  MWF, UC 409

Section 03: 2:10 - 3:25 p.m.  MW, UC 409

Section 14: 7:30 - 8:45 a.m. TTh, PTC  - Please note the time change!


Course Information


Textbook & MyMathLab:

Elementary Statistics, Mario Triola, 11th Edition, Pearson Education, Inc.

MyMathLab access is required for this course. A new text purchased from the bookstore is bundled with a MML access code.

If you purchase a used book or purchase a new book elsewhere, you will need to purchase a MML access code online at

The Course ID which is needed to purchase an access code and complete your registration in MyMathLab will be provided in class.


JMP will be used in this class. This is a FREE download. Instructions will be provided in class.




11:00 MWF class: Test #4 is Friday,  April 19

Review for MWF class Test #4

7:30 TTh class: Test #3 is Thursday April 11

2:10 MW class: Test #3 is Monday April 15

Test #3 Review info for MW & TTh classes

11:00 MWF class: Test #3 is Friday, March 29

Review Info for 11:00 class Test #3

Test Dates for Test #2

11:00 MWF class: Friday Feb. 22            

11:00 class: Review information for Test #2

7:30 TTh class: Tuesday Feb. 26                     

 TTh & MW classes:  Review Information for Test #2          

2:10 MW class: Wednesday Feb. 27



Test Dates for Test #1

11:00 MWF class: Friday Feb. 1

2:10 MW class: Monday Feb. 4

7:30 TTh Class: Thursday Jan. 31

Test #1 Review for Test #1


Course Links


11:00, MWF Class:  Syllabus     Calendar 

2:10, MW Class:  Syllabus          Calendar

7:30, TTh Class:  Syllabus         Calendar

MyStatLab Login


Qualtrics Survey


Video: How to download JMP

Formulas for Inference

Applet for t-test P-values


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