College Algebra


Spring 2018

Section 90 (Hybrid)

CRN 21029

2:10 - 3:25  W



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Author(s): OpenStax College

Edition/Copyright: First, 13 February 2015

Publisher: OpenStax College

Type: Digital or PDF or Hardback






Digital and PDF (downloadable) versions are available (free) at Hardcover textbooks can be purchased at Students should have their textbook by the first week of class.  Not having your textbook is not an acceptable excuse for late work. Students who add this course late should refer to the “Late Registration” section for further guidance.

.WeBWorK: WeBWorK is a homework management system which will be used for homework and quizzes. You may access your class in D2L



Graphing Software:

Math 1111 uses the free graphing software called GRAPH. You can download the software at:




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