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First-Year Writing @ Clayton State University

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Welcome! We hope that your first-year writing courses plant seeds for your growth as writers and awaken you to the possibilities of writing. In our courses, you'll practice an array of writing processes and strategies, read and write a variety of genres, analyze and use various argumentative strategies, and develop effective rhetorical skills.

Your instructors in all of these first-year writing courses are knowledgeable teachers and writers who hold graduate degrees in English, and many have years of teaching experience. You will find your particular instructor's course policies in the course syllabus, available on your instructor's webpage, on the Department of English website under English Faculty and Staff.

Publishing and Internship Opportunities

We love to publish excellent First-Year Writing @ Clayton State students' essays in our textbook! If you'd like to have one of your essays considered for publication, please complete the Permission to Publish Form and return it, along with a copy of your paper in Microsoft Word, as an attachment to by April 1 of each year for consideration for publication in the upcoming year's book. If you are an English major looking for an internship related to publishing and editing, contact Dr. Parrott about working with her on the textbook each spring semester. If you are seeking to publish your writing outside of Clayton State, consult Sites for Publishing Undergraduate Writing.

Contact Information

If you have questions or concerns about your English 1101 or 1102 class, please see your instructor during office hours (or e-mail to make an appointment). You may also contact Dr. Jennifer Parrott, Director of First-Year Writing, via email: or by phone: (678) 466-4748.