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Faculty and Staff

Department Chair
Dr. Mary R. Lamb A/S-110A 4706
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Deborah Carey A/S-110 4735
Full-time Faculty
Dr. Brigitte Byrd A/S-105H 4556
Dr. Shannon Cochran FacHall 116C 4723
Dr. Susan Copeland A/S-210G 4744
Mr. Sean Dever A/S-105F 4710
Dr. Margaret Fletcher A/S-210R 4749
Dr. Barbara Goodman A/S-105E 4711
Dr. Cantice Greene A/S-110G 4739
Dr. Gwendolyn Jones Harold A/S-210K 4738
Grace Sara Harwood    
Mr. Wesley Jacques A/S 110E 4764
Dr. Sipai Klein   A/S-226 4747
Dr. Michael Lindsay FacHall 116A 4892
Dr. Eugene Ngezem A/S-110R 4734
Dr. Jennifer Parrott A/S-110N 4748
Dr. Robert Pfeiffer A/S-110S 4743
 Kayla B. Rodney    
Sara Rogers    
Dr. Kathryn Pratt Russell A/S-210E 4561
Dr. Amy Sanford   A/S-210B 4807
Dr. Matthew Sansbury A/S 110J 4897
Dr. Patricia Smith A/S-214B 4730
Dr. Kavita Surya    
Dr. Robert Vaughan A/S-210P 4108
Part-time Faculty
Dr. Connie Frank A/S-121 4735
Vonette Lanier    
Ms. Debbie Lowe A/S-121 4735
Mr. Ronald Ramsey A/S-121 4735
Dr. Ryan Strader A/S-121 4735
Jennifer Switzer A/S-121 4735
Ms. Kelley Walker A/S-121 4735
Dr. Natasha Walker A/S-121 4735