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Program Outcomes


The B.A. in English has three concentrations: literature, writing, and secondary education. Information about the B.A. English degree in secondary education is found on the department’s webpage.

English Major

The following four courses are required for both concentrations:

ENGL 3100               Introduction to Literary Studies (offered every semester)

ENGL 3110               Introduction to Writing Studies (offered every semester)

ENGL 4011               Critical Theory (offered every fall)

ENGL 4950               Senior Capstone (offered every spring)

English major, Writing Concentration required Courses

ENGL 3212               Advanced Composition (offered every fall)

ENGL 3600               Careers in Writing (offered every fall)

ENGL 3750               Digital and Multimedia Writing 

ENGL 3800               Intro to Creative Writing (offered every semester)

ENGL 3900              Professional and Technical Writing (offered every semester)

ENGL 4015             Cultural Rhetorics

English major, Literature Concentration required Areas

          2 classes: Cultural Studies (various courses available, rotated every semester)

          1 class: British Lit. before 1660 (various courses available)

          1 class: British Lit. after 1660 (various courses available)

          1 class: American Lit. before 1850 (various courses available)

          1 class: American Lit after 1850 (various courses available)


English major, Writing Concentration and Literature Concentration:

                  6 courses in either Writing or Literature Concentrations

Electives for both concentrations are available every semester. Your advisor and the dept. chair will work with you regarding the courses you need to complete the major/concentration.


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