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Gifted-in-Field Certification Endorsement

Like Small Class Sizes?

Like Smart Kids? 

Always up for A Challenge?

Then the Gifted Education Endorsement may be for you!

Many people wonder why children with exceptional ability would require additional services and supports in order to succeed. "If they are so gifted" the thinking goes, "they ought to be able to make it in life". In many cases, gifted children are quite able to master what is expected of them in a traditional classroom but feel unchallenged and limited by the curriculum and they become bored or frustrated. This often results in self-esteem issues, behavior problems, and a loss of motivation. Students who have particular intellectual gifts have minds that operate in a unique way and, thus, require a different style of teaching. Gifted education provides academically aligned education for advanced learners, helps meet their social and emotional needs, and keeps them engaged in school. 

The Gifted Endorsement Program is a hybrid online program offered by the Teacher Education Department of Clayton State University. It consists of a four-course sequence (12 semester hours) with course-embedded field experiences.

Gifted Endorsement Coursework

Course ID

Course Name

Credit Hours




Characteristics of Multicultural Gifted Learners


Fall 2014 – *Saturday/Hybrid Course



Identification and Assessment of Gifted Learners





Curriculum and Strategies for Gifted Learners





Program Development For Gifted Learners



* This is a hybrid online course that meets five times on Saturday from 9:00am-2:00pm (class meetings mandatory).

The program is open to in-service teachers, undergraduate, and graduate students. Coursework may be taken without signing up for the endorsement.

Course Prerequisites – Undergraduate or Graduate Student NOT Seeking Endorsement

Minimum 3.0 GPA

Passage of content area GACE

  Candidates who decide to pursue the endorsement must meet the following qualifications:

Program Prerequisites – In Service Teacher

Valid clear renewable Georgia Teaching Certificate – T4 or higher

Minimum 3.0 GPA from most recent degree program

One year of successful teaching experience

Principal or System Level Recommendation

Skill and experience in using technology for instructional and professional work

Program Prerequisites – Pre Service Teacher

Minimum 3.0 GPA

Passage of content area GACE

Submitted a complete Intent to Seek Endorsement Application

For further information contact: Mari Ann Roberts, Ph.D. Gifted Endorsement Program Coordinator (678) 466-4720