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Bachelor of Science in Education with a Concentration in Elementary Education

Early Education

Clayton State University is now offering an undergraduate degree for individuals interested in teaching in Elementary Schools. The new degree is a Bachelor of Science in Education with a Concentration in Elementary Education. The degree prepares candidates for certification in grades P-5 through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GAPSC).

Program Requirements

  • Overall GPA (2.5 required)
  • Completed Georgia Educator Pre-Ethics Exam (documentation required)
  • Passing Scores All Program Admission GACE
  • Passing Scores on Program Admission GACE (Program Admission GACE waived with SAT score of 1000 or above)
  • Completion of at least 45 semester hours of college credit
  • Students are required to complete all courses in Areas A-F with grades of A, B, C, or K before formal admission to program. This includes Grades of A, B, or C in EDUC 2110, EDUC 2120, and EDUC 2130
  • A one-page essay on why you want to be an Elementary Educator
  • Interview with Elementary Education Coordinator

Program Curriculum Worksheet

Credit Transfer Policy

We recognize that many career-minded students have already earned some college credit, or even their associate’s or bachelor’s degree, through another institution. At Clayton State, we value your previous education and experience, offering a transfer credit policy that allows you to carry over previously earned education credits to help you move forward in your program. Transfer credits must be reviewed for approval for transfer.

In Demand

There continues to be a growing need for Elementary educators due to a decline in production of new teachers over the last decade. The south metro-Atlanta area continues to see population growth that put it in the top twelve for fastest growing metro areas in the United States. The Georgia Department of Labor (DOL) lists Elementary Education as one of the state’s top jobs in its short-term employment projections for 2020 and beyond. The DOL estimates 120 new positions and 320 job replacements for a total of 440 annual openings with an average salary of $41,700. Between 2016 and 2022, Elementary employment in Georgia is projected to grow by 28%, or 3,306 jobs, statewide.


Our faculty are one of our greatest assets. The faculty in the department of Teacher Education have many years of experience as teachers and administrators in local schools. They are not only highly regarded for their expertise, research, and knowledge within their field of study, but they are also committed to student outcomes. Our 93% pass rate for our students on EdTPA over the last three years is indicative of our commitment to preparing students for success. The Teacher Education faculty at Clayton State will work with you inside and outside the classroom to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for a rewarding career as a teacher.

Contact Information

Dr. Sharren Thomas

Elementary Education Coordinator

(678) 466-4820