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Mindfulness Meditation

CSU Counseling and Psychological Services is excited to facilitate free meditation classes called Meditation 101, at the SAC Fitness Center as part of the Group Fitness Classes!

Mindfulness Meditation teaches one how to develop a different relationship between yourself and the challenges in your life. You will build a greater ability to stay focused and you will learn to tap into your own inner resources for learning, coping, growing, and healing. This is a skill that can help you get the most out of your everyday life, in and out of school, even when facing stress and pressures. Mindfulness Meditation is also about being fully alive and present in each moment, bringing a deeper richness to your inner and outer world.

No previous meditation experience needed to participate. Come join us! See the Group Fitness Classes schedule for more details.

*CAPS is also available to come to classes, students organizations, and departments on campus to teach a basic Mindfulness 101 workshop.