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Faculty Liaison Program


Counseling and Psychological Services staff is available to offer consultation to students, staff, and faculty to discuss students who are experiencing difficulties.

Although not all inclusive, the following questions may point out a few instances and reasons for faculty and staff to consult with staff in the Counseling Center:

  • Are you concerned about a student's mental health?
  • Have you found a particular student to be intimidating?
  • Do you encounter student opposition and disruption in the classroom?
  • Are other students intimidated by another student's behavior?
  • Have you ever been concerned that a student might hurt him/herself or someone else?
  • Have you been or are you concerned about student aggression? Staff members at the Counseling Center would be pleased to help you:
  • Assess the situation, its seriousness, and potential for referral.
  • Learn about resources, both on-and off-campus, so that you can suggest the most appropriate help available when talking with the student.
  • Find the best way to make a referral, if appropriate.
  • Clarify your own feelings about the student and consider the ways you can be most effective.

If you have questions about our services and/or you want to consult with us about a student, please call us at 678-466-5406.

This resource is not intended for crisis/emergency situations. Should you require assistance with a student who is in a crisis/emergency situation, please contact us directly at 678-466-5406. During university business hours. After hours please contact us at 678-466-4050.

For more information, please call (678) 466-5406

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