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Self-Help Resources

Helpful Websites

The Wellness Hub 

Adjusting to College 

Anxiety: Help for anxiety, fears, and phobias

Coping with Grief and Loss 

Detox and Withdrawal Resources

Overdose Prevention and Support

Stress Management Workshop

Students and Substances: Get information about drugs and alcohol , 

Suicide Prevention and Support

Support for students struggling with food or housing insecurity , 

The Trevor Line (LGBTQ) 

Treatment for Alcoholism

Veteran Resources 

Virtual Relaxation Room- Visit here for an interactive stress management experience 

Mental Health Apps

mental health apps

Before you view our list of mental health apps, there are a few things we would like you to consider:

  • CAPS is not affiliated with the app products or companies clinically or financially.
  • Like all information you find online, the content and quality of these apps may change over time. It is the responsibility of the user to use individual judgement and to consult with their counselor to ensure that apps are appropriate for your treatment. The American Psychological Association provides a review of the latest apps here: 
  • Mental health apps are intended to be used as a supplement to ongoing treatment by a qualified professional. They are not a replacement for qualified mental health treatment.
  • When you download or use mental health apps, there is a chance that you will transmit sensitive personal healthcare information to the company that owns the apps. CAPS is not affiliated with such services and cannot guarantee the confidentiality of such information.
  • There may be financial costs associated with these apps via their direct purchase or in-app purchases. Such costs must be paid for on a person-by person basis and are not covered by your student fees.

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