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Coronavirus Employees Frequently Asked Questions

Testing is available at University Health Services.  Please contact University Health Services for additional information on testing procedures.

Yes.  All active employees may receive masks upon request. Employees can request masks by contacting human resources at or by calling (678) 466-4230.

Employees who are unable to wear a mask due to a documented health issue should contact human resources at or by calling (678) 466-4230.

Employees may telework if teleworking is possible.  If teleworking is not possible, employees may utilize applicable leave available to them such as compensatory time, sick leave, or annual leave.  If an employee does not have any leave available, unpaid leave may be requested.  Please refer to the Covid-19 Leave Matrix for additional information.

Employees and supervisors should use this self-reporting tool to indicate a confirmed diagnosis or a known exposure to anyone with COVID-19. This information will allow the University to properly support you, notify anyone who has potentially been exposed to the virus while on campus, and monitor situations which may require additional attention.

Covid-19 Exposure, Diagnosis, or Illness Self-Report Form

After pertinent information regarding the exposure is obtained, employee return to work information will be communicated to employees by University Health Services and a follow up email will come from Human Resources documenting this information along with benefit resources available to the employee. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a disruption to everyday life which may affect your mental health and well-being, including increased stress, uncertainty and anxiety. Self-care strategies are good for your mental and physical health during these challenging times and can help you take charge of your life.  USG provides employees and family members with free, comprehensive support through the KEPRO Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide support and resources on personal matters to improve your overall life and well-being. KEPRO offers confidential counseling, including telephone or video, and a variety of work/life products and services at no cost to faculty, staff and eligible dependents.  You may contact KEPRO 24/7 any day by calling 844-243-4440 or visiting the KEPRO website. The password is USGCares.

We will be returning to a very different campus than when we left.  Twelve campus groups have been working very hard to put in place safeguards and guidelines for our campus community to use to minimize the spread of COVID 19.

Using the guidelines from the Georgia Department of Public Health and the CDC, we will be asking you to change your usual behavior to include the known strategies to keep us healthy. 

We are asking as you return to campus to BE POSITIVE, Be Prepared, and Be Proactive to keep our campus safe.

To do this, you need to:

  • Monitor your own health for signs of illness. Stay home if sick.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer if washing isn't possible. Do this frequently and after any contact where you may have come in contact with the virus.
  • Maintain a minimum of 6-foot distance from others.
  • Avoid large gatherings. .
  • Wear a nose and mouth covering.
  • Follow all the procedures outlined in the approved Return to Campus Plan.
  • Be your brother's keeper! Remind others to follow the guidelines.

University Health Services, in conjunction with Human Resources, has a plan in place to handle any suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. We are working closely with the State Epidemiologist and Clayton CO Health Department to conduct any contact tracing and make recommendations if containment strategies are needed. Facilities has purchased the necessary equipment to perform any required cleaning and disinfecting.

There will be shared responsibility for this. All classrooms are being marked for assignable seating and extra chairs and furniture is being moved out. The instructor space in the front of the room will be marked as well. General instructions and guidelines will be sent to students and faculty and we are working on a COVID-19 Information and Guidelines sheet that can be included in all syllabi and posted to D2L. As per the Workplace Health and Safety Plan, faculty and students will be responsible for wiping down your workspace in each classroom when you arrive. Facilities has also developed a schedule for cleaning buildings during the day and each evening.

We are recommending self-monitoring. As a general rule, we will not be conducting temperature and health screenings at the entrances to buildings, however, there may be certain areas where this is necessary such as the Dental Hygiene Clinic, or other places where physical distancing is not possible. A department can require certain screenings with prior approval.

Cleaning supplies are being distributed to departments based on their return to campus schedule outlined in the Workplace Health and Safety Plan.

Hand sanitizers dispensers are available for many areas. However, due to shortages of these items, it is not possible to provide every room with its own hand sanitizer dispenser. Each individual should carry their own hand sanitizer with them at all times.