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Chemistry Laboratory Course Websites

The links below contain information for the 1000-level chemistry laboratory courses, including laboratory safety information, data sheets, and report sheets. Syllabi for these courses are found on the instructors' websites.

For information on other chemistry labs, see the webpage for the laboratory instructor.

CHEM 1151L: Survey of Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 1152L: Survey of Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM 1211L: Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory - Information will be provided by your instructor
CHEM 1212L: Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory


Laboratory Manuals for Introductory Chemistry Laboratory classes

The password to access the files is: csuchemistry

CHEM 1151 Laboratory Manual

CHEM 1152 Laboratory Manual

CHEM 1211 Laboratory Manual - Please consult with your instructor for your lab section

CHEM 1212 Laboratory Manual