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The Forensics Science Minor

The Forensic Science Minor is offered at Clayton State University to provide students with an understanding of the scope and fundamental principles of forensic science. It gives students a deeper appreciation of the use of scientific methods of investigation, the application of science to law, and the criminal justice system. It is a highly recommended supplementary program for majors in chemistry, biology, criminal justice, computer science, nursing, psychology, and other related areas of study.

The minor is designed to introduce students to the various branches of forensic science, including crime scene investigation, trace chemistry, toxicology, controlled substances, biological evidence & serology, firearms & tool marks, latent prints, questioned documents, and jurisprudence. This will enhance the students' future academic and professional goals in the field of forensic science.

Minor Curriculum Worksheet

Forensics Science minor (catalog years 2016 and later)


Course descriptions for all chemistry courses can be found in the academic catalog.

How to Declare a Forensics Minor

To declare a forensics minor, you must complete the Change/Addition of a Minor form found on the Registrar's webpage under Forms. Complete this form and return it to the Department of Chemistry and Physics in Lakeview Discovery and Science Center, Suite 235.

Graduation Application

The forensics minor form that must be submitted with your graduation application.