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Faculty & Staff

Augustine O. Agyeman
Professor of Chemistry
(PhD, Loyola University Chicago, 2007)

Kelli Bain
Lecturer in Chemistry

Harold Banke
Lecturer in Physics

Dmitriy Beznosko
Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
(Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2012)

Drew Brandon
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(PhD, Texas Tech University, 2017)

Jim Braun
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
(PhD, Washington University - St. Louis,1976)

John G. Campbell
Emeritus Professor of Physics
(PhD, University of Florida, 1987)

Aubrey L. Dyer
Associate Professor of Chemistry
(PhD, University of Florida, 2007)

Minnette Gordon
Administrative Assistant

Emily A. Harbert-Surber
Associate Professor of Science Education
(PhD, University of Missouri, 2014)

Shaun Fambro
Laboratory Manager

Tatiana A. Krivosheev
Professor of Physics
(PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2001)

John J. Meyers, Jr.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(PhD, University of Kansas, 2013)

Rosann O'Neill
Lecturer in Chemistry
(PhD, University of Puerto Rico, 2009)

Cass Parker
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Chair, Department of Chemistry & Physics

(PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 1986)

Sheryl Sands
Laboratory Technician

Caroline E. Sheppard
Professor of Chemistry
(PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001)

Richard H. Singiser
Professor of Chemistry
(PhD, University of Kentucky, 2008)