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Time Management & Procrastination Resources & Apps

Name of Resource Platform Description
Hourly Planners Website Customized Weekly Planner Generator - These planners break down calendar days into hours. They can be saved as a .pdf format or printed.
Stay Focused Chrome Extension A free extension for Google Chrome (Mac OS X or PC) that lets you limit the amount of time you spend on time-suck sites. You specify sites you want to restrict and set the amount of time you’ll allow yourself to use them. After that point, the extension blocks the sites.
Self-Control Mac This free app for Mac OS X lets you block sites you set and even email for a set amount of time. If you need an hour (or five!) of totally uninterrupted time.
Unstuck! Website, iPad, iPhone Unstuck is a free app that helps you focus on and think differently about a stuck moment so you can move forward. It's like having a coach on hand whenever you're feeling stuck about a life situation.
Taming Procrastination PDF With this handout, you can learn why procrastination happens, find some easy tips to stop procrastinating now, and arm yourself with useful anti-procrastination tools.
iStudiez Pro iOS, Mac, Windows, Android User-friendly organizational app that helps keep track of a student’s courses, readings, homework assignments, grades, and overall schedule. Paid version is more refined and user-friendly. (Paid & Free versions available)
Remember the Milk ALL platforms supported This program sends you reminders about all the stuff you have to get done. It can be set to send either text messages or emails.
Wunderlist Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows phone, Android, Chrome, Safari For just $4.99 a month, Wunderlist Pro will help take all the stress out of planning and keeping track of even the most mundane tasks in your life. From sharing a shopping list to managing work projects and planning vacations, this app will help you plan for anything that pops up. Users can even add hashtags, comments, and due dates to all of their to-do lists through Wunderlist.