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About the Supply Chain Management Center

Message from the Director

Welcome to the Center for Supply Chain Management in the College of Business at Clayton State University. I am excited to bring our Center to your attention and to the attention of our community.

It is my goal to provide individuals and organizations with knowledge and skills to drive superior business results through the understanding and application of supply chain management concepts, processes, and industry methodologies.

Through the Center, the business community will have access to talented supply chain management undergraduate and graduate students as well as diverse faculty resources.

The Center will also be the focal point for outreach to the supply chain and logistics profession, industry, and community. The Center will provide executive and workforce education and training assistance to enhance an employee’s knowledge of supply chain and logistics principles, methodologies, and processes.

The Center will provide a forum for executives to exchange ideas, participate in designed symposiums, and come together as a Discussion Roundtable for issues important for recognition and discussion for the success of those who have responsibility in our industry.

I look forward to working with you and having you as a supporter of our Center for Supply Chain Management. Feel free to contact me

Regards Lydia Hall