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Biology Minor

Why minor in Biology?

A minor in biology is an excellent opportunity for students in health sciences, mathematics, chemistry, psychology, or other areas to take additional upper-level courses in biology. The biology minor will supplement your major with additional skills to make you more marketable to industry. In addition, graduate schools will appreciate the additional course-work in advanced biological topics, and the experiences and knowledge gained from those classes will improve your success in professional schools.

The biology minor consists of 15 to 18 hours of BIOL courses, with no more than 8 hours being lower division (1000 and 2000 level) courses.

Minor Curriculum Worksheet

Download the Biology Minor Worksheet

View the scheduling for the Biology core courses and electives.

Keep in mind that BIOL 1107/L and BIOL 1108/L are both pre-requisites for all upper division BIOL courses.

How to Declare a Biology Minor

To declare a biology minor, you must complete the Change/Addition of a Minor Form. After completion, the form should be submitted to the Biology Department in Lakeview Discovery and Science Center, Suite 135.

Then, submit the completed worksheet (link above) with your graduation application.