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Biology Program Outcomes

After completing the B.S. in Biology program at Clayton State University, graduates will be able to:

  1. Identify and/or describe the biological core concepts: evolution; structure and function; information flow, exchange, and storage; pathways and transformations of energy and matter; and systems.
  2. Formulate hypotheses and collect, evaluate, and interpret scientific data to solve problems in biological science and supporting fields.
  3. Apply quantitative reasoning, modelling and simulations, and laboratory skills to answer questions in the biological sciences.
  4. Relate knowledge of the other sciences, including computer and social sciences, to biological concepts and skills.
  5. Effectively communicate scientific ideas to others inside and outside of the biology discipline.
  6. Identify and describe the impact of biological science on the environment and society.
  7. Collaborate with other students inside and outside of the biology discipline.