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Strategic Planning, 2015-20

College of Arts & Sciences 2000 Clayton State Boulevard Morrow, Georgia 30260-0285 Office: Clayton Hall, T-211 Phone: (678) 466-4705 Fax: (678) 466-4899 Email:

The College of Arts & Sciences  is the heart of Clayton State University.  The nearly 250 faculty and staff members in 8 academic departments fuel the teaching, research and service engines of the University.  We are responsible for a full range of undergraduate and graduate degrees — 24 undergraduate majors, 25 undergraduate minors, 6 associate degrees and certificates, 7 different graduate programs — including teaching 90% of the University Core Curriculum to undergraduates. The Need for Planning To determine future directions and to ensure decision making based on systematic allocation of resources, strategic planning is essential.  Beginning in February 2015, the College of Arts & Sciences will undergo a semester-long strategic planning process with the intention of more deliberately identifying who we are as a College; contemplating what challenges and opportunities lie before us over the next five years; ascertaining what the College’s key goals and priorities should be over this period; and determining what action steps and assessment measures should be in place so that we can meaningfully execute the strategies that emanate from this process. 

Guiding Principles In order for this to be a successful endeavor, it is essential that our method is collaborative, transparent, and inclusive, involving the input of as many College stakeholders as possible. Therefore, our first step toward this end was the establishment of a College of Arts & Sciences Strategic Planning Committee comprised primarily of faculty (both junior and senior), but also including College advisors, staff, and students. We also maintain that strategic planning should be driven by ideas, not by paper; that College level strategic planning should flow from the University’s Strategic Plan (2011-14), and that a strategic planning document is always incomplete, constantly in need of revision.

Open Forums A series of open forums have been scheduled to ensure that all College faculty and staff have an opportunity to directly participate in the shaping of our College’s mission, vision, and goals for the next five years. Meanwhile, department chairpersons reached out to their section colleagues soliciting volunteers who were willing to take part in the formal planning process. At the first open forum held Tuesday, February 3, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in UC 272, Dean Momayezi introduced the members of the CAS Strategic Planning Committee. Two other open forums are tentatively scheduled for the Spring 2015 semester: Wednesday, March 4, 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. UC 267 and  Friday, April 3, 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. UC 272. The purpose of these forums is to ensure that all College faculty, staff, and students have an opportunity to directly participate in the shaping of our College’s mission, vision, and goals for the next five years.

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Joy Bryant (Administrative Assistant, Department of Teacher Education
  • Tatiana Bradley (Student, Biology Program)
  • Susan Copeland (Professor of English)
  • Jason Davis (Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice)
  • Jelani Favors (Assistant Professor of History)
  • Maritza Ferreira (Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Communications)
  • Antoinette France-Harris (Assistant Professor of Legal Studies)
  • Erica Gannon (Associate Professor of Psychology)
  • Keokuk Kight (Director, College of Arts and Sciences Advisement Center)
  • Bryan LaBrecque (Senior Lecturer & Coordinator for the Bachelors of Applied Sciences Program)
  • Mark May (Associate Professor of Communication)
  • Jennifer Parrott (Assistant Professor of English)
  • Le’Brian Patrick (Assistant Professor of Gender Studies)
  • Mari Roberts (Associate Professor of Multicultural Education)
  • Nikki Sawyer (Assistant Professor of Biology)
  • Pat Todebush (Professor of Chemistry)

You are always invited to share your thoughts with the Committee:  

Timetable By the end of the Spring 2015 semester, we intend to have a near-final College of Arts & Sciences strategic planning document that accurately and inclusively reflects the values and vision of the College’s constituent parts. During Summer 2015, the committee will finalize the College’s strategic plan with the intention of it serving as our parent document for decision-making and resource allocation from Fall 2015 through Spring 2020. This is an exciting time for the College of Arts & Sciences at Clayton State University, and we look forward to a productive conversation in the College around this strategic planning process.

Our Strategy Planning Document