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Promotion and Tenure

Departmental Policies for Faculty Evaluation (2014 - )

In February 2014 the University's policies governing faculty evaluation changed. As the Faculty Handbook now states:

The departments will establish description of a “meets expectations,” “exceeds expectations,” and “exhibits exemplary performance” rating that would have to be attained by the candidate for each possible rank, tenure and/or promotion. Departments/college can tailor their requirements to meet the needs of their accreditation agencies, faculty, etc. without competition or conflict from totally dissimilar areas. Once these rating policies are established, they will be posted on an Official University Promotion and Tenure website with any necessary forms needed for the review process (Section

Each academic department is responsible for determining what will constitute evidence for promotion and/or tenure (Section

Departmental Promotion & Tenure Guidelines

College-wide Publication Standards for Faculty Evaluation

Promotion & Tenure Production/Publication Standards

Implementation Timeline

The following timeline was approved by the Faculty Senate on April 22, 2013:

August 2014 - New faculty are immediately under the new standards. Existing faculty with less than 4 years left in their review period may elect to continue under existing standards until their next tenure, promotion, or post-tenure review, or convert to new standards, such election to be made and documented in August 2014.

August 2017 - New standards apply to all faculty.

Resources for the Completion of Required Evaluation Materials

Digital Measures Summary of Professional Activity Form

College-wide Standards for Faculty Evaluation

Overview of the Faculty Evaluation Process Promotion & Tenure Evaluation Form (pre-2014) Overview of Lecturer Promotion Process (2016 -     ) Lecturer Faculty Evaluation Summary Form (2012 -   ) Promotion & Tenure/Post-Tenure Evaluation Form (2015 -     )