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Legal Studies and Paralegal Studies

Graduation Applications

Graduation Applications for students applying for graduation in the following majors:

  1. B.S. in Legal Studies
  2. Paralegal Certificate
  3. A.S. in Paralegal Studies
  4. Minor in Pre-Law

Note to B.S. Legal Studies and A.S. Paralegal Studies majors
Paralegal Certificate Add-On Option – We suggest that students who complete a B.S. degree in Legal Studies or an A.S. in Paralegal Studies also apply for the Paralegal Certificate. Some employers list a certificate as a job requirement. Separate applications must be submitted for each degree option. Note: Please check the Registrar's website for most recent information regarding the graduation application fee, cover sheet, and deadlines Note: Please refer to the Academic Catalog for official information and consult your academic advisor regarding your major and the appropriate Academic Catalog under which to graduate.