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Chemistry and Physics 1212 Lab

This page has materials for the Chemistry 1212 Laboratory.  Please consult your class syllabus for the specific laboratory due dates!!!!

Laboratory Manual

Chemistry 1212 Laboratory Manual

Password csuchemistry


First Day of Lab Forms

Laboratory Waiver:  You must complete the laboratory waiver online before you can participate in lab.  To complete the waiver:

  1. Login to the SWAN
  2. Click on the DUCK icon in the upper right corner
  3. Click on Student Services
  4. Click on Laboratory Safety
  5. Select the course that you are enrolled to view the waiver

You must agree to the waiver for EVERY laboratory class that you are enrolled EVERY semester


Chemistry Lab Safety Rules and Regulations

Lab Drawer Equipment

See your class syllabus for laboratory due dates.


Experiment Mini Reports

HCl-NaOH Practice Titration

Gravimetric Chloride Practice Experiment

Synthesis of Your Compound

Analysis of Percentage Halide in Your Compound

Standardization of Hydrochloric Acid Solution

Determination of Percentage Ammonia in Your Compound

Standardization of Sodium Thiosulfate Solution

Determination of Percentage Cobalt in Your Compound


Student Compound Work Sheet (Excel)

Final Report Documents

Instructions for Final Laboratory Reports

Lab Report Grading Sheet