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Area B: Critical Thinking and Communication

4-6 Hours

B1. ALL students take this course

CRIT 1101 Critical Thinking across the Curriculum (3-0-3)

B2. Take ONE or TWO of the following courses

Students who take 10 hours in Area D must apply two hours to B2. This option will apply to non-science major students not emphasizing science.

Students who take 11 hours in Area D apply only one hour to B2. This option applies to students who choose to take eight hours of science in Area D.

COMM 1001 Presentational Speaking (1-0-1)

COMM 1002 Presentation Applications (1-0-1)

COMM 1110 Spoken Communication (3-0-3)

Foreign Language Options

The 1002 courses are appropriate for students who took two years of high school language.

SPAN 1002 Elementary Spanish II (3-0-3)

FREN 1002 Elementary French II (3-0-3)