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Overview of the Core Curriculum

All baccalaureate degree graduates and all A.A. and A.S. degree graduates must complete Areas A-F of the Core Curriculum. A.A.S. graduates must complete the portions of Areas A-F as listed for the specific program. The general education core curriculum is composed of five parts, identified as Areas A-E, and requires 42 hours of coursework. The remaining section, Area F, contains 18 hours of major related courses. Course requirements for Area F can be found in the Academic Catalog and linked to the specific program in the directory of Clayton State Online Learning Programs.

Guidelines for the Core Curriculum are established by the University System of Georgia in order to insure a solid general education foundation for all graduates. Courses taken within the Core are guaranteed to transfer within the University System in accordance with BOR guidelines. The general education core, Areas A - E, is designed to be as “major-free” as possible. Areas C and E are the same for all listed majors. Areas A and D, on the other hand, vary because some programs of study have more intensive natural science and/or mathematics requirements. The number of hours taken in Area D will affect Area B. For some majors, certain course choices in Areas A-E may be recommended even if not absolutely required. Please pay careful attention to the requirements and recommendations noted for the program you choose.

The basic areas of the Core are listed below: