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Admissions for Transfer Students

Transferring in? You’re not alone. Over 800 new students transfer to Clayton State every year. Like you, they have dreams they want to make real, and they want to do it at a school that knows how to make the transfer process smooth sailing. We have an entire staff dedicated to helping you understand transfer requirements and complete your application.

Not to be confused with transient students (i.e., temporary students who are taking credits at Clayton State but not intending to complete a degree), transfer students enroll in degree-granting programs if admitted for study with us.

And you will find that the support doesn’t stop at admissions. Clayton State is full of resources and people happy to answer questions and guide you.

Let’s get started.

Undergraduate Transfer Application Requirements

Graduate students

If you’re seeking to do graduate study, you are not necessarily considered a transfer student, but you may be able to transfer some of your credits.