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Dual Enrollment Checklist

Dual Enrollment Accepted Student Checklist

Take the next steps to complete the admissions process with this quick checklist.

Activate your SWAN and DUCK sites.

Go to and click activate account.

Note: If you have any technical issues with the SWAN or DUCK, please call The HUB at (678) 466-4357.

Remove Student Holds and Complete Online Orientation

  1. OR - Orientation Hold - DE student orientation should be completed online at the following site: Note: Your OR Hold will be removed by your DE Advisor during your Advisement Appointment
  2. RA - Registration Agreement Hold - From your DUCK Account, follow the following steps:
    • Select “Student Services”
    • “Registration”
    • “Build your class schedule”
    • Select current semester and click Submit
    • Verify/edit student info – Submit
    • Read/agree to the “legally binding agreement”, and
    • Submit.
  3. IM - Immunization Hold - Please submit the Immunization & TB Screening form to University Health Services or upload it via Student PatientPortal. Use your Swan Login (LochID) and password to access the Student Patient Portal.
  4. EA - Alcohol and EH - Haven Hold - This hold occurs during your first semester and must be completed and removed. From your DUCK account, click Main Menu, click Student Services, and then click on the Alcohol Edu and Haven Course link. After completing the test at the end of each course your hold will be removed.

Funding Application Procedures for the Dual Enrollment Program (Completed Every Semester)

Login to

  • On the menu header select “HOPE & State Aid Programs”
  • Select “State Aid Applications”
  • Select “Dual Enrollment Funding Application (online)” and complete full application and submit. Part 1 must be submitted online. (Unless you are a home schooled student - homeschool students need to print and complete a hard copy). Inform your high school counselor once you complete Part 1. Please provide verification of your GSFC funding application’s “application status page” to your DE Advisor via your CSU email.

Register for Classes

Once you have completed the above checklist, you will need to schedule an advising appointment to register for classes.

  • Go to your SWAN account
  • Select the SSC Campus portal icon
  • Select “Request an Appointment”
  • Select “Move On When Ready” (Dual Enrollment)
  • Select your Advising campus
  • Select your Advising location and time and confirm your appointment.

Your Dual Enrollment Advisor will register you for your classes as soon as all of your holds are cleared and the CSU Advising Form has been completed and approved by your high school counselor.

Attention: Please visit to obtain your required CRN#s (see CSU Advising Form) prior to your appointment.

Download the printable checklist