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Accounts Payable FAQs

Payment Verification & Reissuance

How do I know if a check has cleared the bank?

  • Contact the AP department with as much detailed information about the Supplier and payment as possible.  This will assist our department in looking up the Supplier payment history.  We will contact the bank and if the check has cleared a copy of the canceled check (front and back) will be emailed to the requestor along with the date the check cleared.

What if the Supplier did not cash/deposit the check made payable in their name?

  • After verification of signatures and determination of fraud, this process will be facilitated by the Director of Accounting Services.

What if the Supplier says they haven’t received payment?

  • If a Supplier has not received their check after 10 business days, a stop payment will be initiated at the bank.  The void/reissue process will then be initiated by the AP Dept.  A memo or email is required from the original requestor stating the reason for reissuance.