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Abstract Submission

Presentation Details

All Clayton State University students (Move-on-when-ready, undergraduate, and graduate) are eligible to present their research, prepared musical or artistic works, or developed literary works.

While students can coauthor multiple projects, each student can be the primary presenter on only one poster and one oral presentation.

Types of presentations

Oral presentation/reading. Students will present their work in a talk/reading that should be no longer than 12 minutes. This will be followed by a brief question/answer period. To minimize scheduling conflicts, each student is limited to being the primary presenter on only one oral presentation.

Poster presentation. Students will create a poster (size may not exceed 36” x 48”) that they present during the poster session. Students are expected to be in front of their posters for the full duration of this time. For this reason, each student is limited to being the primary presenter on only one poster presentation.

Performance/creative activity. Students will give a stage performance of their musical or artistic work lasting no longer than 15 minutes.

Film screenings. Students will show their short film, lasting no longer than 30 minutes.

How to Apply

To apply to the conference, students will submit an online application that includes the title of their presentation and a brief abstract or summary of their presentation. Abstracts are limited to 1000 characters.

Students must obtain their mentor's/instructor's approval before submitting an application.

Submit a Presentation

Note: The application is open until April 3, 2020.