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Faculty Support for Student Academic Conference and Showcase

Each spring, undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to submit research, film, prepared musical or artistic works, or developed literary works in for the annual Student Academic Conference and Showcase.  This is an excellent opportunity for your students to share research, internship experiences, and projects they may have completed with you over the course of the year.

As a faculty member, you can get involved in the Conference in a number of ways.

You could:

  1. include the Conference as a course activity (voluntary or required).  Students can submit to the conference to present projects from your class, present on topics they are researching, or attend other students’ presentations.
  2. serve as a Departmental Liaison for the Conference.  Because of the interdisciplinary and cross-campus nature of the event and activities, as a Liaison you can provide vital information to your colleagues and students AND help ensure that your Department is represented at the Conference.
  3. serve as an oral session moderator, or a judge for an oral or poster presentations during the event.  This would be a perfect way to support our students, and provide much needed mentorship and feedback.
  4. join our planning committee!  Faculty from across the campus work together to work on the plan for the event, identify potential keynote speakers, develop partnerships with other campus offices student groups.

Information for Faculty Serving as Moderators

Details about your duties

  • Download the presentations on your computer.  You will be added to the Student Academic Conference D2L site.  The presenters will upload their presentation file(s) to the Assignments folder with their room number. 
  • On Friday morning, please download the presentations for your session, and consider compiling the slides into one PowerPoint (templates are attached).  Bring your computer for the students to use during their talks.
  • Bring a slide advancer, if you have one.  Please let me know now if you do not have a slide advancer – I may be able to wrangle some to lend out.
  • Set-up about 15 minutes before your session.  The students will be asked to show up around this time to do a final check on their slides, if they want to.  This will also be a good time to distribute name tags for you, the presenters, and faculty advisors.  These name tags will already be in the room for you. 
  • Keep the presentations on schedule.  The presenters have been asked to limit their presentation to 12 minutes, with 3 minutes for Q&A and setting up for the next presentation.  I will provide you with cards you can flash at the presenters to indicate how much time they have left.
  • Estimate audience size.  I will provide you with a form to record audience size throughout your session.  These data are helpful for planning purposes, and I promise to make the form as quick and painless as possible.
  • Have fun!