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pcard policies

P-Card Policies


Clayton State University VISA Purchasing Card Program is designed to provide a more efficient means of making routine purchases by streamlining the processes for small dollar purchases of $5000 or less while reducing paperwork and processing time.  The State of Georgia purchasing card can only be used for University-related business for which institutional funds will be disbursed.

The State of Georgia has selected Bank of America to provide the purchasing card program using WORKS Payment Manager, a web based program to hasten the reconciliation process.

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Issuance of the Visa Card

To qualify for a Visa card, a person must be a Clayton State employee, who has knowledge of, or is trained in small value purchase procedures. Prior to issuance of their new purchasing card, the following criteria must be met:

  • Authorization to obtain a card must be given by a Vice-President, Assistant Vice-President, Dean, Head of Department or Director via e-mail or fax to the Card Program Administrator.
  • Employee agreement signed by the employee requesting the card and their supervisor.
  • Mandatory training on usage of the p-card. (either group or individual training)

Once all the above criteria have been met a card will be issued to the Clayton State University employee.

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Lost, Stolen Procedures

To report a lost/stolen card, the cardholder must immediately call the number below. The cardholder is also responsible for notifying the VISA Card Administrator as soon as possible to report the lost/stolen card.

Bank of America Customer Service 1-888-449-2273

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Updating Cardholder Information

New cards and renewal cards are issued for 3 years. For liability purposes, all cards will be sent to the VISA Card Administrator, and then distributed to cardholders.

Limits on the card and other information such as address, telephone, etc. may be changed by submitting the appropriate change in writing to the VISA Card Administrator by e-mail or fax.

Increasing the monthly limits of the purchasing card can only be requested toward the end of the current fiscal year, (prior to June 30). The request must be approved by the Vice-President, Assistant Vice-President, Dean of School, Director, or Head of Department.

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Limitations of Visa Card

No single transaction purchase shall exceed $5,000.00 per day (including shipping, handling and insurance)

A large order must not be split into two or more orders attempting to meet limit requirements.

The P-card may not be used to purchase the following:

  • Automotive fuel
  • Motor vehicle repairs and maintenance
  • Cash advances
  • Professional Services (Consulting fees, doctors, lawyers)
  • Personal Services (Salaries, wages)
  • Lodging, transportation and meals: (Exception:  Allowable in section C of the State of Georgia Purchasing Card Program Policy (See above))
  • Entertainment and Alcohol
  • Gift Cards
  • Food, unless the purchase qualifies as a "group meal" according to the State Accounting Office (SAO) meal policy.
  • Equipment item that costs over $3000.00 (ex. workstations, servers, furniture)
  • Promotional items (ex: items that have our university insignia clothing, caps, mugs, banners, pens) that are used for departmental or personal usage only
  • Entertainment and food (Exception: Fund 13000 food for student sponsored events-clubs).
  • Items purchased for resale. (Exception: Fund 12230)
  • Items for personal office usage such as radios, coffee makers, heaters, fans, etc. holiday decorations/cards/plants/cut flowers for departments.
  • Hazardous or radioactive material
  • Firearms or explosives

Refer to State of Georgia Purchasing Card Program Policy from the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS).  Policies are linked to this website.

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Sales Tax Exemptions


It is the responsibility of the cardholder to ensure that sales tax is not charged when making a purchase with the VISA purchasing card. The embossed line printed on your purchasing card reads "Clayton State University" Tax Exempt.

If you are charged sales tax in error you must request a credit from the supplier as soon as the error is discovered. If a supplier requests proof of the University’s tax exempt status refer them to the VISA Card Administrator. A supplier may also photocopy your VISA purchasing card.

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Purchasing Card Penalties

All employees approved to carry a State of Georgia p-card are responsible and accountable to the University for all purchases made with the p-card.  They must adhere to all State, Board of Regents and University policies regarding it usage.  All p-card purchases are to be used for Clayton State University official business only.  Any employee who fails to use the p-card properly or abuses the use of the p-card shall be subject to cardholder penalties.

Employee abuse of the following will result in penalties:

  • If transactions are not reconciled in WORKS by the last business day of each month (ex: last day falls on a Friday) and signed statements are not submitted to Procurement Services by the 5th of each month (5th must fall on a business day).
  • Repeated cardholder abuse (ex. purchases over $5000 during fiscal year to any single vendor, airline purchases for non employees, purchases that are not approved by State Purchasing such as food purchases).
  • Improper documentation (ex: missing invoices/receipts in "Visa Packets" or business purpose is not stated on the invoice).
  • Any purchase that is not followed within the guidelines of the State and University p-card policy and procedures.
  • Making unauthorized purchases.
  • Using state credit card while shopping for personal items (this would constitute immediate  action by notifying the P-Card Administrator for direction)
  • Making personal purchases.

These above p-card penalties may be subject to personnel disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Cardholder Penalties

When infractions are identified during auditing of the monthly cardholder transactions, the following process will be followed:

  • Any penalties imposed to the cardholder, the Director of Accounting Services must be notified.
  • If a single abuse occurs, a warning will be issued to the cardholder and informed in writing via e-mail from the P-Card Administrator.  When the warning is issued to the cardholder the departmental manager will also be notified.
  • The second instance of abuse, the card will be suspended for at least one (1) billing cycle (16th of current month to 15th of the following month).
  • If occurrences continue after the p-card has been reinstated, the card can be canceled or suspended up to one (1) year.
  • Procurement Services with the Head of Department can skip all of the steps if the penalty is severe enough and suspend the card permanently.
  • The Vice-President and/or Assistant Vice President of the division will also be notified if the card is temporarily or permanently suspended.
  • Procurement Services has the responsibility to notify the cardholder's supervisor/manager of any cardholder penalties.

Process after penalties are imposed:

  • The department will be notified of the length of the suspended card based on criteria above.
  • The department/division will be notified when the card will be reinstated by the P-Card Administrator.
  • Once card is reinstated to the cardholder, it is the responsibility of the department that the occurrence will not happen again.

Termination of Employment

The VISA purchasing card is the property of Bank of America and must be surrendered immediately upon termination of employment, or upon request by an authorized person (Department Head, Director, or VISA Card Administrator). The card must be surrendered to the VISA Card Administrator.

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Fiscal Year-End Dates

For the current fiscal year, the purchasing card cutoff date is May 8. All purchases made after this date will be charged to the next fiscal year funds. This is to assure that all purchases made prior to June 15 during the current fiscal year, will be included in the VISA download to PeopleSoft for that year.

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